Mutual Healthy Dinner Party [#mutualhealthydinnerparty]

mutualhealthydinnerparty - dessert

Below is a copy from THIS blogpost by Carolina [a.k.a. @the_blonde_fairy on Instagram] which she wrote about our ciber dinners.
She, Ann-Kathrin [a.k.a. @delicioushealthyfit] & I [a.k.a. @liannebeijer] are the hosts of a weekly healthy [ciber] dinner party that we have on Instagram using our hashtag #mutualhealthydinnerparty.

In the article below, Carolina explains how it came together on a virtual rainy day when us three were chatting and by accident all three ate an asparagus inspired dish.. chatting and discussing recipes we all three felt like we were having dinner together in person! This fun and loving experience is something we’d like to spread throughout the food & fitness community on Social Media.

There’s so much competition and girls that feel left out or not good enough… maybe you’re recovering from and eating disorder and feel anxious to try new foods? Having a mutual dinner party with girls you can talk to may help you to give you some extra umph to try that burger, steak or cookie that you might otherwise not have eaten.

Let’s have dinner together… once a week, with a mutual theme that’s different each week. We’ll chat, discuss recipes, share inspiration and uplift each other. Too many girls we know feel left out or alone on a Friday night… we invite YOU to join our #foodparty and share the foodie-love! 


Mutual healthy dinner party

“I wanted to explain here a little more clearly what the mutual healthy dinner party is.

Lianne, Ann-Kathrin and I are the founders of the #mutualhealthydinnerparty. We are three girls in our twenties, passionate about food and cooking, trying to inspire others with our amazing dishes, to a balanced life and most importantly to self love. We all live in different countries (Lianne in Holland, Ann-Kathrin in Germany and I am a “pigeon” between Sweden and Italy) but have through instagram developed a strong friendship and trust for one and other.

Some of you might wonder how it all started. We started these dinner parties 5 weeks ago, on dark and dull weekend, where we all felt sad, forgotten and lonely. This little mutual event brightened up our day to the fullest. This is the main reason for which we decided to continue and why we would love for all of you to join us.

These mutual dinner parties takes place each week and have a different theme. They are aimed to reach out to those that want to both challenge their cooking creativity, to those that feel left out and to those that struggle with food issues. This is a way of spreading love and kindness in this amazing world of food and social media. 

We sometimes forget  how incredibly healing kindness can be. We forget about how many people out there feel lonely, suffer from low self esteem and spend night at home seeking comfort in food. No one should ever have to feel this way. We are all worthy and enough.

These dinner parties are a chance for you to take part and join us in a journey of delicious food, love and kindness.”

mutualhealthydinnerparty - Women for Women


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