WIAW – Happy Birthday to me Weekend – Cookies & Cakes

WIAW fall into good habits button

Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting another food-party!!

This time it’s a special WIAW for me, since it was my birthday this weekend >> November 16th! << and I’ve had all kinds of yummy treats. I fell from stress-dessert into birthday-dessert status….hmmm…. OK we’re working on that later ;)

For now, let’s show you my yummy treats!

Chocolate Chip CookiesClick on the picture to go to the recipe. These are to die for if I may say so myself..

A lovely beetroot smoothie to start the dayA lovely beetroot smoothie for breakfast – why? Because I like pink .. and beets .. and it tastes amazing with vanilla protein & chocolate!! YES it does!!

Birthday Pancakes with Jam and ButterThen we had pancakes with loads of butter and pure-fruit jam! Delicious breakfast #2

20130816_141522Then there was lunch >> VEGGIES >> sweet potato + eggs stir-fry. YUM!

After my lunch I went to pick up my mommy to go shopping and make an appointment for tattoo number 4 :D I’m excited!!

P.S. I turned 25 :o OMG I feel old… and young… young & old… I don’t think I’m ever growing up ;) I’m like the Dutch & feminine Peter Pan! :D AND I LOVE THAT!

OK back to the day.. I made the appointment for the 5th of December: our national Holiday “Sinterklaas” :) I’ll show you the result of my tattoo-date later ;)

Mum and I went for a coffee, turned into food + coffee, treat at a local restaurant. I did make pictures of the food, but it was too dark and the flashy flashlight photo’s don’t do the food any justice… so no pictures here.

I do have a lovely photo with my beautiful mother though!

mommy and me on my 25th birthday

I had cake for dessert -- recipe on the blog!

[ This cake = HEAVENLY :D]

We had cake for dessert. Gluten and sugar free — made with chestnut flour. I find this cake the tastiest I’ve had in a long time because of the yummy chestnut flavor that’s so subtle and sweet and nutty! It pairs wonderfully with some vanilla coconut milk ice cream and whipped rice cream (unpictured because this is an old picture taken a while ago and like I said before… nighttime pictures is just NOT cutting it :( )

I may or may not have had half the cake… no jugging >> it’s ma birthdaaay :Dย โ™ฅ

OK, I’m late for school now… gotta run!! Have a great Food Party! Talk soon :D XO







15 thoughts on “WIAW – Happy Birthday to me Weekend – Cookies & Cakes

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Wonderful picture of you and your mom Leanne.

    Definitely no judging when it comes to cake. Love the different flours you use like chestnut! And I can’t wait to hear your post on getting a tattoo??!!

  2. Stumbled across your blog today – that beetroot smoothie looks incredible! What else is in it, if anything – or is it just beets? I’m a huge fan of smoothies and juicing. Always looking for fresh ideas. And those pancakes look to die for :)

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by & commenting! Well I mixed a cooked beetroot with almond milk, vanilla rice protein powder, some raw chocolate – sometimes I add a banana for sweetness or I use some honey or stevia. And I love adding a tbsp of mild nutbutter like cashew, macadamia nut or almond butter. Just plain beetroot + vanilla protein is a lovely post WO shake too!! I really enjoy it :-)
      Have a great weekend! X

  3. I click on the pics for the recipes, but all I see is a larger picture. Desperate for the beetroot smoothie & pancackes .. look lucious

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