WIAW – Exam Stress – Yoga – Fitness and FOOD

What I Ate WednesdaysGoodmorning Fellow Foodie Friends

I skipped last weeks food-party because of school. I was out all day and when I came home I was like “shoot, I missed WIAW!” ;)

This week I’m a bit more prepared! I made a few sticky-notes to remember to track my eats and make some pictures ;-)

My meals have (in the past few days) mainly consisted of some type of dessert… ’cause well… stop-emotional-eating

To me stress means “I want ALLL the carbs and ALLL the fats!” Preferably with a sugary CRUNCHY and GOOEY topping! I want to move my jaws as much as possible during the day — it’s relaxing ;-) There’re even science studies to back me up, so I have a legitimate excuse! Who’s with me? You know you are!

As far as taking pictures goes, I’ve been trying my best, but my camera doesn’t like taking pictures after 4 pm…! And since I don’t get up before noon… not much picture-taking-time. I’m gonna work on that ;-)

Before I’m sharing my eats of yesterday, can I PLEASE beg for some positive fitness & yoga vibes tomorrow? Tomorrow (Thursday night) I’m hosting a small event at my local gym – it’s a school assignment, so I NEED TO DO OK (No pressure…. sigh)… I don’t do well under pressure, so that’s making me even more nervous!

I’ll be teaching an indoor circuit training for about 12 people, so I made a circuit with 12 exercises they all have to do for 45 seconds with 15 seconds break in between the exercises to walk over to the next exercise. The entire circuit repeats itself 3 times total.

The circuit consists of: 

Leg Raise (lying)



 Air Squat (with optional plate)

Shoulder Press

 Mountain Climbers

 Bicycle Crunch

Deadlift (with Kettlebell)

Triceps Dip


 Upright Row (with Kettlebell)

Burpees with Jump


I messed up and I thought, “Wow! I sure messed up good!” ↑ ;) OK I don’t want to jinx myself… this is how it’s gonna go: I rocked tonight and I thought, “Wow! I sure did a very good job!” = Muchhhh better :D

After the circuit training I’m hosting an hour long (power)yoga session at beginners level. It’s VERY basic so I should be able to explain all the poses properly, but teaching yoga is kinda a whole different task to do! I mean you’re constantly speaking and explaining the moves as you flow through them… I’m gonna practice once today with a yogi-friend, to see if I do this alright… ’cause I find this the most nerve-wrecking to do! Mainly since there’s a LOT of positive interest for the lesson and if all goes well I might be able to teach more often… yet with all the experience in sports and dance I have… I’m quite a newbie to yoga, so I feel a little out of my comfort-zone teaching! Any words of advice for me?? :)

Sorry for the rant, now on with the food!

I’d been loving the following yesterday

  • Breakfast was an overflowing bowl of fresh apple slices: 2 tart green apples + 2 tart yellow apples (I’m trying to stay away from sweet fruits again, since I’ve been experiencing a Candida Flareup recently — stress & LOADS of (dried) sweet fruit sugars played a big part in this flareup #oops)
  • After 2 hours I had a second meal with 4 rice cakes & different kind of spreads: a definite must-try = coconutmilk + vanilla protein + carob powder + a little cinnamon and vanilla stevia  It’s YUMMY!

Coconut protein carob spread on Rice Cakessweet coconut macadamia nutbutter

  • I had some leftovers for lunch: 1 avocado with raw, finely chopped kale – mashed together – some cayenne and sea salt for seasoning >> strange but GOOD combo (Sidenote: whenever I have a strange but good combo.. I now think of Laura ;) lol)! I had some cold leftover roasted mushrooms and sweet potato on the side. Totally random, but I find that whenever you work with pure and fresh produce… it all works together quite well [or at least most of the time ;) ]

Baked Sweet Potatoes Roasted mushrooms1 avocado with raw finely chopped kale - mashed together - some cayenne and sea salt for seasoning

  • I snacked on licorice (sugar free) candy all afternoon. No picture taken before I’d eaten it all.. but y’all know what candy looks like right ;)
  • Pre dinner snack were some homemade coconut-flour biscuits (sweet) with prosciutto ham fresh sweet nutbutter (see above) and cilantro. OH and don’t forget the sprinkle of xylitol on top! YUM >> Strange but GOOD combo #2! All this studying makes me crave the weirdest things ;)

Coconut cookie with parmaham, tahini and some cilantro and xylitol (3)

  • Dinner is unpictured.. I had corn-pasta with a caramelized-onion-olive-sundried tomato-garlic-basil-tomato-sauce. Served with some chopped up sausages (made from organic beef)
  • Dessert was carob-pudding with leftover coconut coffeecake (got a bit stale so I crumbled it up like a bread pudding sorta deal) and some chia seeds on top. Super duper sweet (stevia) [sweet tooth alarm!!]

  • No… we didn’t stop after desert, after desert pre-bedtime snack-time rolled around for 2 yummy coconut cinnamon macaroons [I’ve been quite coconuts today! I hadn’t even noticed until writing it all down for you this morning!! :o haha]

That’s the end of my day of eats :) Now I’m off to practice my yoga-lesson for tomorrow! And off to school after that. I’m gonna check out all your lovely blog-posts tomorrow night after the exam, hmmmm I’m looking forward to that moment already! Nice hot cup of tea and my laptop and RELAXING ;) ;) PLEASE think of me tomorrow ;) You’d make my day!!!

Love you :D

↓ This picture got made last year for a news article about EAT and get FIT in a local paper :)

6 thoughts on “WIAW – Exam Stress – Yoga – Fitness and FOOD

    • I’ll tell you all about those coconut biscuits soon ;-) They are pretty neat & easy! To be continued ;-)
      THANK YOUUUUUUUU — you’re good vibes work already :D I feel somewhat relaxed now, hope I can keep this feeling and share my passion for the movements <3

  1. That prosciutto and xylitol #strangebutgood combo really intrigues me… sweet and salty! I hope you link it up Friday! :)

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll rock it. That circuit looks like a great one.

    • Thanks Laura!! Glad you like my circuit.. now let’s make these people sweat ;-) I’m off to the gym shortly and in 2 hours my first class starts… super excited and terrified haha! Thanks for the positive thoughts!! I’ll give an update tomorrow, and I’ll try to link-up my xylitol prosciutto yumminess tomorrow! ;)

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