WIAW – I like big Pumpkins and I cannot lie – Recipes included

What I Ate Wednesdays

Happy WIAW fellow foodies!

It’s been crazy busy here and lots of new things happening with my nutrition practice :) about to do some great collaboration work — fingers crossed :D

How have you been? Making any new awesome recipes lately?

I haven’t had much time to experiment, however I have been in the mood for homemade sweets like winegums and Jello #afterallitsnearlyhalloween!! :D

For my Candida Diet friendly lemony Jello click on the picture below!

Gelatin Dessert

I’ve been going to the gym more regularly to practice my form.. Fitness trainer exam is getting closer and I want to look and perform my best :) I’m pretty scared though! The demands you have to meet are high! Which in one way is a good thing… not anyone passes the test just like that… but on the other hand… OK enough anxiety raising thoughts, on with the food!

Happy Halloween - Pumpkin all around - Sonny Angle Vampire!

♥I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie♥ I don’t know about you, but I LOVEEEE pumpkins! And I’m always so excited for this fall food season! I’m not just saying ’cause I’m an autumn-kid.. but I truly believe fall is my fave season of the year! For sure when it comes to food. Cold enough for pumpkiny goodness and stews, but still warm enough to enjoy fresh fruits for breakfast and frozen smoothies for dessert ♥

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been looking through my recipes on my blog… and I totally forgot about my pumpkin pie creation I made last year! I haven’t been remaking it yet, BUT I do have the ingredients in the house so I think I’ll be making this baby tomorrow! Winner with all my friends >> that says something, lol! ;)

I used a very sweet - green - pumpkin I got from a friend. Note; this does turn your pumpkin pie filling GREEN ;-)

Kabocha squash turns your pumpkin pie filling GREEN ;-)

I also found an old picture on my laptop which is my inspiration for dinner tonight! I’ve bought the scallops, I’ve made coconut milk and I’m roasting a pumpkin as we speak write :D

Pumpkin Halloween WIAW

I’m rambling aren’t I?! Sorry! I’m doing too many things at once.. I blame it on my lack of multitasking abilities, lol.

So breakfast today was:

Banana Chia Cinnamon PuddingBreakfast was a banana shake (not super Anti Candida friendly, however I’m not following a super strict diet >> I simply do what works for me after years of trials & tribulations :)I added 2 tbsp chia into the mix and topped it with almonds and cinnamon. Delicious pudding kinda meal :D

It's either sweet potato or pumpkin ... or both ;)Lunch was a pound of sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil. I added fresh rosemary after this picture was made. And I sprinkled some garlic salt on top. I toasted some pumpkin seeds to go on top. Super simple, but I needed a carb loading feast! I’ve been on a carb craze lately >> not a carb binge-out-of-control like I’ve been familiar with in the past (can you say Candida???!! OMG) however I’ve been studying AND been very active, so my body & brain needs the glucose to function and I can tell FOR SURE!

Roasted pumpkin

I know… I know… How can one want roasted pumpkin AFTER eating all that sweet potato… I don’t know either :o haha! However, I just heard a *ping* from my oven.. and I decided I had to give my yummy pumpkin a taste test ;) Cinnamon Galore!! DELICIOUS!

This happened between lunch & the pumpkin >> so we’re kinda out of chronological order here… I made an egg scramble post WO and added LOTS of Indian spice + chopped baby portobello mushrooms. YUM!

I think I might have to use the pumpkin-scallop recipe for another night.. I bet my skin will turn orange if I keep up this paste ;) Oh well.. just in time for Halloween! :D I’ll go as an Oompa Loompa! No dress-up required ;)

Are you celebrating Halloween? And if so.. what are your plans? Have a great HOLIDAY! Enjoy every freaky moment of it :D

P.S. this will be dessert today :-) Almond Tuilles! They’re absolutely amazing and remind me of my childhood when we used to get fresh baked tuilles at the bakery close to home. These however are sugar free (duh!) and totally good for you! I will share the recipe soon :) I think it’s a must try!

Amandel Tuilles van amandelmeel, amandelschaafsel, eiwit, stevia en boter (7)

My lovely friend & fellow Witch - we went to High School & Hogwards together :)

A Happy Halloween from the past. My lovely friend & fellow Witch – we went to High School & Hogwards together :)

5 thoughts on “WIAW – I like big Pumpkins and I cannot lie – Recipes included

    • Hi girl! I bake the squash with the skin and make a puree with that… therefore it turns green ;) If I wouldn’t be a lazy chef and I’d want to make it pretty ‘n orange… I’d ditch the skins :D :D It’s never to late to dress-up as a witch ;) Happy Halloween! :D

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