HAPPY EASTER! – Coconut Butter Recipe (It’s just so good!)

Hi Guys!!


Since it’s a holiday, and I’ll be out and about celebrating ;-)… I won’t be updating on my eight-week-challenge this Sunday; but I’ll do this next Wednesday (along with my second weigh-in!). My week is going really well :). I’m above target calories almost EVERY day :D. I still do my workouts religiously – I might have done a few at half paste, but that’s ok ;) – I’m still loving it!

Anyway…I did want to share something else… it’s my fave nut-seed-something-butter at the moment: Homemade coconut butter! It’s super delicious and super easy to make. You will need a high speed blender or food processor and a few cups of unsweetened shredded coconut. I used approximately 4 cups (or 5? sorry I lost count since I added the coconut per third cup!) of coconut and I got 2 cups of coconut butter.

Add the coconut in your blender or food processor. You might have to process half of the amount of coconut first – until it starts to break down and decrease in size – before adding in the rest! That’s how I do it :).

Than you blend.. and blend.. and blend.. and you’ve guessed it; you blend some more!

After 10 minutes or so you’ll notice the coconut is getting “smoother” and thicker – kinda like marzipan. After 20 minutes or so you’ll see it turn into a more liquid consistency and after another 5 minutes it will be perfect!

Easy as pie!

Here’s the process in pictures!

Hope you’ll enjoy!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER! – Coconut Butter Recipe (It’s just so good!)

    • Haha – good point! I need to make a blog-post about that as well! I mainly use it for topping on bread, muffins, a slice of cake (yum!), stirring through porridge, stirring through an Indian stir-fry, adding it to smoothies or protein shakes… endless options (Oh – eating straight out of the jar works really well too ;-))! I’ll upload some recipe’s in the future.

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