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WIAW.. Catch-up.. What I’ve been loving lately and short dietary update

Happy — What I Ate — Wednesday!

I don’t know how long its been since I’ve last uploaded a descent WIAW-post. How I’ve missed this! And all of YOU! Seriously… I’ve been scrolling down the uploads on Jenn’s website, recognizing half of all my favorite bloggers I haven’t spoken to in ages ;-) It’s been TOO long! We need to catch up! I’m recycling an old WIAW summer badge since I feel like it suits this time of year… and quite frankly I can’t find the other one on my laptop anymore ;-)

Let’s get on with the FOOD :D

I’m not gonna show you my day of eats… WHAT?! No… next week: Yes..

But this week I wanna share some of my most recent eats — all the food I’ve been loving these past few months since leaving my blog (temporarily…) ♥

I’ve been making some changes to my diet after visiting with a few medical doctors to sort out some lingering health problems I’ve been coping with for months now. (Not so) Shocking… I’m still extremely allergic to ALL dairy. I had hoped I’d grew out of that allergy and I’ve been eating cheese like it’s my full-time job these past few years! I don’t even wanna think of all the buckets full of Greek yogurt I downed every week ;) Delicious = YES, healthy = YES… smart?! Not so much…

So there’s no dairy in my life anymore…  Sad, sad story*violin playing*!

I’ve been off of dairy for 7 months now and I feel SO much better though! My sinuses have cleared up, the puffiness around my eyes is way less and those aching headaches early morning aren’t bugging me any longer! I feel more energetic all day and to be honest… I don’t miss the dairy anymore. If I do eat dairy products now I notice an immediate reaction, making my ears pop like I’m on a plane (crashing down full speed…!)  and a swollen tongue & face… not a pretty sight ;) So that makes me stay away from it pretty easily ;)

OK enough with this rant, plenty of time to talk more during the many posts to follow! So good to be back! Don’t be a stranger, please say HI :D I’d love to hear from you again! ♥

WIAW What I Ate Wednesday August


I’ve been in love with smoothies for breakfast or mid-morning snack. I’ve been growing my own kale and berries this season, and I’ve been adding them to most of my concoctions. This one below is a simple banana – blackberry – almond milk – edible flowers smoothie. No greens involved.

Bessen-bloemen-munt-banaan .. next time I'll add the kale too, hehe, smoothie (2)

Creamy Buttery Goodness #1

To compensate for the missing creaminess that I used to get from eating all that Greek yogurt; I’ve been experimenting with making my own nutbutters.

And mannnnnnnn DO I LOVE THEM DEARLY!

I make all kinds of variations, but my absolute favorite combination is macadamia-cashew-coconut butter.. too bad I recently found out I can’t do cashews anymore either.. Lucky me: macadamia-coconut is really good too!

But for all you cashew-lovers: try this threesome! You’ll love it ;)

Cashew coconut butter (2) Cashew coconut butter (7)


I still love my salads! Making them prettier & bigger each week ♣

I’ve started to make my own – fancy – salad dressings: OMG orgasmic!

I never cared for salad dressing since I don’t like the overly sweet, vinegary or salty taste of most store bought varieties. I usually eat my greens plain or with a little olive oil… however making my own opened a WHOLE new world for me!

I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! I’ve completely been underestimating the deliciousness a good salad dressing can bring to the table ♥


Coeur de Beuf salade met shiitake, gedroogde tomaat en een kale rucola met walnotenpes Coeur de Beuf salade met shiitake, gedroogde tomaat en een rucola - boerenkool met walnootpesto Coeur de Beuf salade met shiitake, gedroogde tomaat en een rucola - boerenkool met walnotenpes (7)


*Sigh* — glorious baking… Whenever I have the chance I bake my own breads, cakes and cookies. Not as often as I used to because I’ve been lacking in time… BUT it’s still my go-to meditation of choice for those rainy days where all you wanna do is to lick the spoon :D

Flat bread van Teff Flour, recept op Instagram -- lekker met Jam of notenboter (4) Flat bread van Teff Flour, recept op Instagram -- lekker met Jam of notenboter (15)


Coconut milk & I are in love :) It’s the easiest milk to make, yet the worst to store… unfortunately you really have to make small batches and use the milk within 24 hours or it will go rancid/sour = Not. Good.

Almond milk is my second fave to make.. If I’d live in the States I’d buy my almond milk in the store like I used to do in Wichita.. but here it’s SO freaking expensive AND often times there’s sugar added to the almond milk :| I totally don’t get that… why can Almond Breeze make a sugar free HIT and the Dutch copy cat has to have sugar added to it?!

Kokosmelk maken (3)

Creamy Buttery Goodness #2

The only dairy that seems to give me little trouble = organic full fat butter. From grass fed cows to be precise. I do notice a little ear-popping going on after eating butter… but it’s worth it ;)

Homemade salty-herb butter is THE absolute best on top of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. From steak to sweet potato to veggie burgers to toasted bread to rice cakes… whatever you serve me, if you give me a few tablespoons of butter to go with… I’m one happy camper!

Kruidenboter met mosterd en een mix van verse met gedroogde kruiden 2

When life gives you lemons…

Life doesn’t always goes according to plan. And that’s OK! We live and we learn :)

Lemonade… sweet & tangy lemonade… ♥ Life = GOOD ♥

Lemons, when life gives you lemons... make lemonade (4)

Chips & Dips

Along with my new-found love for salad dressings; I’ve been enjoying some awesome dips lately! From a pesto inspired Arugula Dip to Broccoli-Walnut Dip to Carrot-Curcuma Dip to a Mexican Bell Pepper-Avocado Dip.

I love to tinker about new flavor combinations! >>I may or may not wake up at night to write down new ideas that just popped into my head :o <<

However I’m pleasing not only my personal taste-buds, but those of friends & family too.. so that makes it all good right ;)

 Wortel-kurkuma-macadamia-avocado dip met taco's (4)


Make sure to leave me a comment if you’d like for me to share certain recipes in the near future! ♥

~Lots of LOVE & see you next week~

Let’s play a game..

Let’s play a game – in response to Allison.

Allison posted a little game on her blog and I think we should all join in ;-) Great way to get to know each other a little better! So, make a blog-post with your favorites and share them with us!

  • Favorite color: Yellow and green
  • Favorite movie: Coyote Ugly!! Do you guys remember that one?!?! Good times!
  • Favorite TV show: I never watch TV, but if I’d still live in the States, it would have to be Disney Channel ;-) Lol! No matter how ‘old’ I am… I LOVE a good children-series!
  • Favorite food: Coconut and FRUIT! I’m a fruit addict, so I absolutely hate not being able to tolerate fruit at the moment (Candida overgrowth…)

This answer might not be satisfying enough, so I’ll answer another ;-):

  • Favorite junk-food:  Chips! I used to binge all night long on bags, and bags of chips. Nowadays I still love to eat those bad boys. I actually still love to eat all my ‘binge’ foods, which is quite remarkable because most girls I know avoid their (previous) binge triggers. Might be a smart thing to do… but oh well, I try not to give it too much thought :)
  • Favorite fruit: Berries
  • Favorite veggie: Avocado + tomato, but they’re technically a fruit. So I have to go with zucchini.
  • Favorite thing to do: Dance and yoga
  • Favorite season: Fall, but I’m starting to love summer equally as much
  • Favorite restaurant: The restaurant I work at of course ;-)
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Lemon sorbet!
  • Favorite female celebrity: Hmm… Tough pick, I think I’d have to go with Jessica Simpson because she’s the first that pops to mind. I love her boldness and I think she’s a special lady :)
  • Favorite male celebrity: Michael Jackson

I’m gonna enjoy the lovely weather outside now!

Inspirational thought of the day:
Be a little less judgmental about yourself. Live a little more, and worry a little less. There’s no such thing as failing life! All you have to do is live yours….

♥ Have a lovely day ♥


HAPPY EASTER! – Coconut Butter Recipe (It’s just so good!)

Hi Guys!!


Since it’s a holiday, and I’ll be out and about celebrating ;-)… I won’t be updating on my eight-week-challenge this Sunday; but I’ll do this next Wednesday (along with my second weigh-in!). My week is going really well :). I’m above target calories almost EVERY day :D. I still do my workouts religiously – I might have done a few at half paste, but that’s ok ;) – I’m still loving it!

Anyway…I did want to share something else… it’s my fave nut-seed-something-butter at the moment: Homemade coconut butter! It’s super delicious and super easy to make. You will need a high speed blender or food processor and a few cups of unsweetened shredded coconut. I used approximately 4 cups (or 5? sorry I lost count since I added the coconut per third cup!) of coconut and I got 2 cups of coconut butter.

Add the coconut in your blender or food processor. You might have to process half of the amount of coconut first – until it starts to break down and decrease in size – before adding in the rest! That’s how I do it :).

Than you blend.. and blend.. and blend.. and you’ve guessed it; you blend some more!

After 10 minutes or so you’ll notice the coconut is getting “smoother” and thicker – kinda like marzipan. After 20 minutes or so you’ll see it turn into a more liquid consistency and after another 5 minutes it will be perfect!

Easy as pie!

Here’s the process in pictures!

Hope you’ll enjoy!