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WIAW – I fell of the wagon… now what?!

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power

This is my mantra at the moment: my health has been anything but great and it’s totally my own fault. I’m currently working with a doctor to get my leaky gut in check by sorting out my allergies & getting rid of a Candida overgrowth I’ve been battling for ages (on & off).

However, being pressed for time AND not getting enough sleep or relaxation makes me crave sweets like an ant. I’ve got dozens hundreds of tricks & tips on how to combat sweet craving and the urge to overeat (or under eat for that matter), but when it comes to me.. I’m like: “Meh.. I’ll eat better tomorrow” or “I’m tired/stressed/fill in the blanks so I deserve a treat” and whilst I’m all for self-love: this is NO self loving relationship I’m creating here ;)

So…. I’ve decided to work together with a friend who’s also on a path for optimal health: we’re both nutritionists and very passionate, however as with many things: sometimes you need someone else to guide you even though you’re familiar with the road to take! 

OK, so how were am I going with this?… AAH, I know: the mantra I showed you! I definitely know I’m capable of doing more than I’m able to at the moment because my health is holding me back whist my mind wants to do all sorts of great things! So…a healthy body that can keep up with my ambitious mind would be a blessing ;-) 

My body is my temple & even though I might get stressed out, overwhelmed, pressed for time, stuck in a place without healthy food options… I’m gonna make a conscious effort to heal my gut and be the best version of me I can be!

∞ sign here please ∞

Who wants to join? Do you have a health related goal you want to achieve but you just can’t seem to keep your motivation to do so? Leave me a comment and we’ll figure something out on how to all motivate each other :D

*@Madison: 5 out of 7 nights were 8 hours of sleep … getting better ;)*


Now, on to the food party hosted by our lovely Jenn :)

This is me eating like a crazy person on a late shift yesterday night at work… I overslept, had to run way too much errands in a short period of time and get my ass to work. I worked over-hours and got home incredibly late uhm.. early & instead of going straight to bed I got my second, third, forth wind for the day, so I stayed up crazing on every sweet treat in the house before rolling into my bed after dusk – AKA – NOT THE BEST EXAMPLE OF A HEALTHY DIET GIRLS (& guys ;))…
This is NOT me showing a nutritious well balanced day of food… however it’s showing you we’re all human and fall of the wagon: The great thing about falling of the wagon, is the chance it gives you to evaluate the road you were taking and deciding you might want to find yourself another wagon to hop onto… ♥♣


Red smoothie morning berry blast

Breakfast started sensibly with a very-berry smoothie with rice protein, seeds & fresh berries – nothing beats a good smoothie in my opinion!


Cashew butter on toast - homemade recipe

If it wouldn’t be for the “you recently found out you’re sensitive to cashews – so until your gut is healed you need to stay away from them” — this meal would have been perfectly fine! However… It’s homemade cashew butter with honey and lemon zest… Honey = big NO-GO at the moment because of the Candida + Cashews… #ouch! Stomach ache galore an hour after eating this, and that was before my shift started at work: not so handy eh?! :o ;)
I didn’t even notice how much I was munching away until the jar was empty >> that’s what happens when you’re eating mindlessly, in my experience. I normally try to practice mindful eating, but at crazy busy & stressful (work-related stress) times, I tend to purposely forget about mindfulness.

*So note to self: Never Forget The Importance Of Consciousness & Mindful Eating*  There’s a little voice in my head saying “yes mummy” at the moment, haha! I feel like a naughty kid or something! OK, moving on.. and no… I don’t really hear voices in my head ;)



Somewhere yesterday this happened…


Not so sensible when you're allergic to gluten

And this too….

They might look yummy & innocent: but these little buggers are normal gluten & sugar loaded cookies. I haven’t had gluten in years! I’m falling of many wagons at the moment, but I’m never falling of the no-gluten & no-dairy wagon… until now hungry, tired, feeling sad and stressed: can you say emotional eating?! #oopsIdiditagain… I’m NEVER doing that again! Lesson learned: diarrhea & vomiting a few hours later. I know I can’t tolerate ANY gluten, so I’m really staying away from it for good now!

SIDE NOTE: I’m not making myself look good on this WIAW blog-post :o ;) I think honesty is important though and if you’re learning to figure out the best lifestyle that makes you feel on top of the world, these “bad-days” happen… I hope to inspire some of you to not be to harsh on yourself afterwards and seek the next best road to take to get you to your goals!


Arenga Palm Sugar

ANDDDDD… then THIS happened as well… OMG… do I even have to explain?!

I had a very sensible smoked mackerel meal before this & actually once I got home I was feeling satisfied (full) & tired from work: ready for bed.
I also felt like someone had ran over me with a truck — all kinds of pains like you wouldn’t believe from all the junk I had eaten >> instead of going to bed. This really did happen… I so had hoped it was just a bad dream…

I ate a bowl of avocado chocolate pudding (totally sensible) with 1/3 cup of palm sugar… like who even eats 1/3 cup of sugar in one sitting? OK, well I’ve actually done worse myself before too..so I know who eats sugar by the cup full in one sitting: that’s usually how I recognize I’m dealing with another Candida overgrowth flare up: it makes me respond to sugars like a cocaine addict to it’s drugs! …sigh…Very annoying to say the least!  It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore :o LOL at least I can laugh at myself :D!

So inevitably I rolled into bed a few hours later feeling completely stuffed, sick and still being tired and feeling overwhelmed & stressed with work — cause that’s the thing with emotional eating… it doesn’t do you any good in the long run! Which I know AND preach about ALL THE TIME… gets us back to the “sometimes you need a little guidance from someone else, even though you perfectly well know which road to choose and follow yourself!

Soooo the moral of today’s WIAW

If you’re making changes in your lifestyle, you’re most likely gonna fall of the wagon >> that is OK << reevaluate the road you’re taking to see if that’s really the road that will lead you to your goals. If not? Switch roads and hop on the next bus! Life is a journey and so is achieving healthy & happiness!

Also: don’t be afraid to be a little selfish! You are worthy of living a happy & healthy life. You are worthy of achieving your goals. You are worthy of both giving and receiving love. You are loved. Love yourself a little bit more and act like it. If this doesn’t come natural to you: fake it until you make it! Eventually you’ll start to love yourself again I’m saying again because self-love is a birthright we tend to lose when growing up… nurture your inner child and you’ll get that precious feeling of self-love: cherish that :)

Love yourself

Emotional (over)eating will only make your problems worse in the long run… it’s simple as that. There’s a difference in emotional eating & emotional overeating though! If you’re eating a piece of chocolate or you’re enjoying a glass of wine to calm your nerves a little bit and enjoy a moment of relaxation: that’s perfectly sensible and I highly recommend you do so! If emotional eating get’s out of control however and you’re just stuffing your face with whatever you shouldn’t have: that’s getting kinda problematic.

Emotional Eating

EAT better, FEEL better! I really do feel sooooooooooooo much better if I stay away from my symptom causing foods & eat plenty of whole (raw) foods. It makes me feel energetic and alive! If I feel mentally overwhelmed and stressed out, that shouldn’t be an impulse for me to make my body match those feelings… because that’s initially what I do by overeating on allergy-triggering foods. If I make a conscious decision to eat sensibly and mindfully I feel myself grounding more and I can handle stressful situations WAY better! So this works both ways and is a winner every time! EAT better; you’ll FEEL so much better!Food Inc: Eat better, Feel better

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever…ever… forget to plan ahead! If you know it’s gonna be a busy and challenging day: try to get an adequate amount of sleep the night before, pack meals or snacks if needed and be extra kind to yourself.
Plan a moment of zen as well: do a few sun salutations, breath deep, hum your favorite song or jump up and down on a trampoline.. whatever floats your boat and makes you forget about the “I must” and gets you back into the moment. It really makes you more efficient and helps you cope just a little bit better with whatever stressful situation.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail  

Yesterday or actually today early morning before bed *cough**sorry my dearest body I’m neglecting you too much**cough* I said tomorrow! That day is NOW >> You live NOW >> So be the best version of YOU, NOW! >> Life is too short to wait for a never coming tomorrow :)

Having said that, I’m gonna go back to my study NOW, haha. Tomorrow is my intake exam for fitness school :D Wish me luck please!! I really wanna make the cut & get my diploma as a fitness trainer ♥

If you’ve read through my major rant, props to you ;) thank you for the support & if there’s anything you’d like to chat about… please leave me a comment!

Happy WIAW I’m totally detoxing today with veggies galore! ;)

Yesterday you said TODAY

Sunshine award – fun with questions ;-) Join in if you wish!

Hellow again :D

I want to thank Madison for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!

I haven’t filled out any surveys lately, so I’m excited to take this one!

Here are the rules… 

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 7 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post.
  • Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

1. Who is your favorite philosopher?

My favorite philosopher isn’t really a philosopher – I use Winnie the Pooh as a main character to teach me about life :) I’ve always loved the bear and now I’m getting “older” I’m starting to see how extremely right he – and friends – are on almost everything!

I mean.. the stories are so similar to our every day life – it causes me to become my own philosopher – wondering way with just my thoughts on life and learning as I go.. this sounds really fuzzy – but hey! that’s the point of being philosophy right ;-)

I’m borrowing the same picture Madison used for her survey – because look at it… it’s hilarious :D And so true ;)

2. What is your favorite number?

I have multiple favorites.. I love the number 3 and 5 — I also love number 7 & 9 because they stand for my mum (7) and dad (9) and their favorite numbers. I love the number 8 as my year of birth is 1988… I also love number 11 and 16 because again, it’s my birthday on the 16th of November. It’s kinda cheesy, but I just really love the numbers of my birthday! :D I guess that’s a good thing though ;-)

I don’t really like even numbers like 2,4,6,10,12… etc.. only number 8 and 16 are an exception ;-)

I have a pentagram tattooed on my lower back / left bum – it stands for me and my personal journey — the 5 pointed star represents a lot of me and my life

3. What is your favorite animal?

I’ve always loved Cheetahs! So I guess I’d have to pick them! Unfortunately I’m very allergic to animals so we could never have pets :( I’d LOVE to have a cat. We did however have rabbits and guinea pigs in the yard – I really love those little creatures as well!

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter?



I love social media and I spend too much time on there ;-)
At least it’s a great way to interact! And that’s never a waste of time in my opinion!

5. What is your favorite time of day? 

My favorite part of the day is around 6:00 / 7:00 pm. I usually don’t get up before noon – I’m a night owl and I love to stay up late. I work at different restaurants and usually I work evening – night shifts. So by the time it’s dinner-time for many, I feel like I’m just getting started with my day and I have the most energy!

6. What was your favorite vacation? 

LOS ANGELES in 2004!! I’ve already talked about that on multiple occasions so I’m not gonna bore you once more ;) I also LOVE Disneyland Paris!

My mum will kill me if she sees this photo ;) however I think it’s great! :D

7. What is your favorite physical activity?

Dancing will always be my favorite form of exercise. I also love to do yoga and I really like fitness – however I HATE CARDIO – so you will only see me on the treadmill for 5 minutes as a warm-up and that’s IT! I love lifting weights though and I love what the extra weight does for my body! I’m finally getting back some muscle-mass :D

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 

I drink mostly tea and (grain)coffee with goats milk. I drink water while working out or I mix apple juice with water if I’ll be working out heavy / for a long time.

I don’t like to drink juices and I never drink pop. I do love sparkling water though! I also like smoothies and nut-milk but I hardly ever make it.. I’m just too lazy when it comes to blending things… couldn’t tell you why for the life of me ;) haha

9. What is your favorite flower? 

I love crocuses because when I was a little girl I called them “krokeltjes” – unpronounceable in English ;) sorry — therefore it makes me think of my childhood and smile every time I see them. It’s a sign of spring, of new beginnings and happiness and warmth… I just love them! :)

10. What is your passion?

So many different things! My number one would probably be dancing, but it’s something I’ve been pushing away for the longest time. That has made me realize I have many more passions too:
- I love to write;
- Photography – even though I don’t really do a lot of photography now – nor do I have a good camera – I do have a love for it!
- Nutrition – I’m trying to make a living being a nutritionist and studying sports nutrition. It’s a tough business though – especially where I live. However I’m a health food nerd at heart and I love it!
- Baking – SO RELAXING
- Doing nothing… absolutely nothing – letting a day go by with just wondering around not thinking – not doing — just nothingness – very refreshing!
- Fitness
- Friends :-) I love interacting with people – not just in real life but through blogging, facebook too

And now I get to pass this award onto seven other lovely bloggers:

One final picture & quote I’d like to share with you… I LOVE this one and it’s very inspiring to me :) I’m trying to live more this way…

WIAW with some broccoli, avocado, teas, angels, soup, carrot cake protein squares and SALSA (the dance, not the condiment ;-)

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe the month October is already 2/3 gone! It’s almost Halloween!

Are you guys planning anything special this year??

I had a conversation with our WIAW host Jenn about Jack ‘O Lanterns and how we should cut or paint a pumpkin this year.. I think I will make my first Jack ‘O Lantern this year and I’ll show you the photo once I’m done carving ;) I hope I’ll be able to keep all my limbs ;)

I haven’t been posting a lot because I’ve attended a Salsa Dance Festival this weekend! :D It was amazing! It started on Thursday with a pre-party and we had workshops all day on Saturday and Sunday! I seriously have blisters on parts of my feet I didn’t even know possible!

–> One funny thing to mention is that I’ve never really taken basic lessons (which I’m gonna take a.s.a.p. now ;)) however one of the guys I met at the festival made me enter the dance competition which took place at the last party of the event – at random 1 guy and 1 girl got picked to dance together and compete against the other couples – I thought it was gonna be a huge disaster, but faith linked me to Nick himself which made me relax a little bit more and I just went for it.. So, this is what happened:

–>First round: Salsa; with a little improvisation we got through :D –>Second round: Play – we had to express ourselves to the music and tell a story – our story line was “we’re on a cruise ship, we meet and fall heavily in love, the ship sinks, we strand on an island, there’re cannibals who’re trying to eat us but we survive and live happily ever after…”

Easy right?! ;) Anyway.. I had a brilliant expressive partner and with some love making on a hotel towel, swimming for our lives on the floor and other dramatic moves we WON the competition!! :D

For everyone who knows me as introvert.. you should have seen me going ;) lol

–> Our price? Next year… we’ll be back ;) because we’ve won free tickets for the whole festival of 2013! :D

I seriously can’t wait and this made me realize once again how much I love to dance!

I think I need to take this advice and get back into dancing – even if it’s just socially as a hobby instead of professionally which I’ve always strived to achieve before getting anorexic 8 years ago.. I haven’t accepted my loss (of a professional dance career)  yet, but I think I’m ready to forgive myself. Life happened as it did, and I should be able to enjoy my passion without feeling hurt, guilt and regret. Life’s too short to worry about what could have been, we need to JUST BE :)

As for now… back to food for this weeks What I Ate Wednesday :D

For breakfast I had mashed – leftover – sweet potato with coconut milk, cinnamon, shredded coconut, and one scoop of protein powder. It might look a little odd and unappetizing but it’s SO GOOD!! I love sweet – so I added some stevia, but it’s actually pretty tasty without as well! Please give it a go some day, I bet you’ll love it ;-)

These were carrot cake meets Dutch “speculaas” inspired protein squares – YUM – I made these on Thursday last week to last me all week long (I made 24 squares in total). It’s my go to protein-rich snack! I took 5 squares with me on both Saturday and Sunday to keep me fueled between Salsa workshops at the Salsa Festival Haarlem :D I had a blast this weekend! I danced my ass off and I’ve got blisters all over my feet, but it was worth it ;)

Cooked broccoli, avocado-sauce, sesame seeds, olives, basil and a pan-fried egg post workout as my lunch — YUMMY :)

I made a few pictures… so here’s another one!

Close-up of the veggies!

This was my dessert sorta meal – one hour after lunch – a bowl of yogurt with seeds and walnuts and raspberries.
You know me… I need to have my yogurt fix every day ;)

I bought my mum some basil yesterday – her favorite herb ;) I seriously can’t make her as happy with anything else, lol – anyway… doesn’t it look super cute in this red pot? :D It makes me happy to have fresh herbs in the kitchen! I love the smell and sight!

Look at these cuties! They’re me + my mum’s fruit & veggie angels! They’re called Sonny Angels. Have you ever heard of them before? From left to right we’ve got an onion, tomato, carrot and lemon :D :D :D

Dinner was millet flake porridge and cooked carrots – blend together with some veggie broth to make a soup – I added some curry spices and fresh parsley. Super delicious! A girlfriend of mine who doesn’t like soup agrees with me on this one ;) so if you ever want a thick and creamy soup – try adding some millet or quinoa flakes! It works wonders!

Photo # 2 – I served this with some toasted pumpkin seeds on the side for an extra crunch (yum-yum-yummmm)

I forgot to make a photo of my before bed snack – I had some leftover broccoli with olives, some walnuts and 8 oz. cooked chestnuts (I LOVE chestnuts! Mainly because I hardly ever eat them) + I added some hot sauce.. very plain and simple but super yummy and a great sweet ‘n salty combo!
I did make a picture of my recently bought teas. Have you ever tried this brand? I believe it’s from the UK(?) … I think… not sure… What I do know is that it rocks my world at the moment ;) If you like herbal teas – give these a go! I really like the spicy – licorice one, but the fruity pomegranate is really refreshing!

♥ Please leave me a comment below to let me know about your Halloween plans or to tell me if you’ve ever danced Salsa before! I’d love to know! ♥

Enjoy the rest of your day!  :D

Look through heaven’s eyes!

Just when I’m about to put myself down again, questioning myself, ready to give up… this song comes to mind.

Take a moment and listen… sometimes a song like this is all you need to give you the courage to carry on :)

We must look through heaven’s eyes! No matter how much of a failure we feel to be, if we look through heaven’s eyes we might not do so bad after all :)

We are all part of a bigger picture and we should never forget where our value lies .

~ ♥ kindness to ourselves & kindness to everyone around us ♥ ~

Pleasure = doing what you thought you couldn’t do

 I just want to give you some inspiration for today :)

This one got me thinking…

I saw this picture on a lovely blog I follow and it got me thinking about myself, my life, my dreams, my goals, my expectations, my fears… 

This is just so very true! 

Also, I believe the second greatest (or maybe even the truly greatest) pleasure is doing something you yourself thought you couldn’t do :)

Overcoming your own fears, your own negative thoughts… whatever your physical or psychological obstacles may be – try to forget about these obstacles and push through!

Pick up the phone and call that friend you’ve been wanting to for so long but you’re afraid she/he might be mad at you; apply for that job you want so bad but you’re afraid you don’t qualify; start your own business if that’s what your heart desires; say NO when you truly don’t want to do something; say YES when you truly do want something but you’re afraid to admit it; start today with walking if your goal is to run a marathon – don’t be afraid you’ll never make it – take it one step at a time!Forget your fears; just GO!

I know for myself I oftentimes want to start a project but am too fearful to actually do it. Eventually if I do start the project I don’t even know why I was so ‘reluctant’ in the first place?! For example: A few years ago I wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t know how and I was afraid to get myself out there… today I’m glad I finally started writing and I indeed wish I would have started the day I first intended to.

I challenge you — find something you want to do or want to stop doing; something you feel you can’t do or something you’re afraid of changing but you know it would be a change for the GOOD…

Now… make that CHANGE! Take that first baby-step today! Show yourself and the world you can do it! Don’t be afraid to fail, you can never fail at trying something new – even if you do “fail” you can be extremely PROUD of yourself for trying! Because not many people have the guts to do so… :) 

I hope you’re inspired to act upon this message and I wish you all the best! :D

If you feel comfortable enough sharing your personal struggle and/or goal you want to chase and share with us if you’ve now made a first step forward… please do so in the comments! I’d love to hear from you :)



P.S. I should share my goal and struggle too => I want to start my own practice in weight-management and food-coaching for a while now. I’m afraid I’m gonna fail at making a successful practice and I’m afraid there are already enough nutritionists out there – “so why would anyone come to me?”… it’s that self-doubt that’s killing me… BUT I should know better than that. I know I can help many people through my passion for healthy living so I’M GONNA START THIS PRACTICE THIS SUMMER! No self-doubt is gonna stop me EVER again ;-)

Liebster award!

I love receiving comments, so I was happy to notice I had another comment on my “about me” blog-post. I was pleasantly surprised to read in this comment that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award!

 “A Liebster is an award passed on by a fellow blogger. When you nominate someone, it’s because you believe they are an up and coming blogger with under 200 followers.”

I feel honored that I got nominated by http://livepassionatelytonight.wordpress.com/! We both have a passion for health with a similar background. So if you enjoy my blog, definitely go check out hers as well!

It’s a great feeling to know that you (and hopefully others ;-)) enjoy reading my blog! 


This next part is just copied and pasted from http://livepassionatelytonight.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/liebster-award/:

If you receive the award, you should:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.

2. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

 4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite bloggers and keep it going!

So these are my 5 picks!:

-          http://alexiaku.wordpress.com/; because she’s a lovely person and a self said ‘health food freak’ (just like me ;-)) – she’s a great inspiration to anyone who enjoys yoga!

-          http://domesticdivamd.com/; because I love to read her blog-posts. Her writing is awesome, and her recipes are great. I admire her for following her heart by going to Med school!

-          http://iheartvegetables.com/; have you read the name of this blog?! I mean…how can someone who hearts veggies be anything else but cool?!

-          http://cookeveryday1.wordpress.com/; because I love how she combines culinary school with nutrition and food sciences! Best of both worlds if you’d ask me!!

-          http://tiarefitness.com/; with her bubbly personality she keeps others motivated to work out. I love health, food and fitness… so I can relate to her :)!

Here you have it… my top 5 at the moment! So, check out those blogs as well as http://livepassionatelytonight.wordpress.com/!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and for the great community here on wordpress.com!
XO, Leanne