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Let’s play a game..

Let’s play a game – in response to Allison.

Allison posted a little game on her blog and I think we should all join in ;-) Great way to get to know each other a little better! So, make a blog-post with your favorites and share them with us!

  • Favorite color: Yellow and green
  • Favorite movie: Coyote Ugly!! Do you guys remember that one?!?! Good times!
  • Favorite TV show: I never watch TV, but if I’d still live in the States, it would have to be Disney Channel ;-) Lol! No matter how ‘old’ I am… I LOVE a good children-series!
  • Favorite food: Coconut and FRUIT! I’m a fruit addict, so I absolutely hate not being able to tolerate fruit at the moment (Candida overgrowth…)

This answer might not be satisfying enough, so I’ll answer another ;-):

  • Favorite junk-food:  Chips! I used to binge all night long on bags, and bags of chips. Nowadays I still love to eat those bad boys. I actually still love to eat all my ‘binge’ foods, which is quite remarkable because most girls I know avoid their (previous) binge triggers. Might be a smart thing to do… but oh well, I try not to give it too much thought :)
  • Favorite fruit: Berries
  • Favorite veggie: Avocado + tomato, but they’re technically a fruit. So I have to go with zucchini.
  • Favorite thing to do: Dance and yoga
  • Favorite season: Fall, but I’m starting to love summer equally as much
  • Favorite restaurant: The restaurant I work at of course ;-)
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Lemon sorbet!
  • Favorite female celebrity: Hmm… Tough pick, I think I’d have to go with Jessica Simpson because she’s the first that pops to mind. I love her boldness and I think she’s a special lady :)
  • Favorite male celebrity: Michael Jackson

I’m gonna enjoy the lovely weather outside now!

Inspirational thought of the day:
Be a little less judgmental about yourself. Live a little more, and worry a little less. There’s no such thing as failing life! All you have to do is live yours….

♥ Have a lovely day ♥