WIAW – Breast Cancer Awareness – What’s up with red meat? Delicious eats, burned pumpkin and purple basil…

Something else I totally love = this month’s topic! I – thank God – don’t have any close relatives dealing with breast cancer and I’ve never had cancer myself. However, I do know a lot of people who are effected by the horrors of cancer in general.

I’m a volunteer for the WCRF (Dutch department) as a nutritionist and food expert for their expert panel. I love to be able to contribute to spreading the awareness on cancer and our food intake + activities.

This month I’ll make sure to pay a little bit more attention to the pro’s and con’s of food & cancer prevention/curing. This week however I’ve already made the pictures of my eats from yesterday :)

I made cheesecake this weekend – nectarine Greek yogurt no-bake cheesecake to be precise… Super yummy!

Another picture of my cheesecake, before putting it into the fridge to let it set

Lunch was a roast beef Carpaccio with tomato-basil-olive salad and toasted walnuts. I drizzled some olive oil over the meat for extra flavor and heart healthy fats. I’ll never be a meat lover, but this was good!

I made some mayo from scratch with success this time around! Last week I made a mistake that killed the recipe ;) oops… oh well, we can’t always be productive in the kitchen ;) BTW, I topped a slice of bread with the mayo and added some slices of the roast beef from my salad on top (as a side dish) ~ yum!

So what’s the deal with meat and cancer? Does red meat promote cancer growth? And how about the Paleo diet and it’s advantages? It’s all very contradictory right?! …

I won’t go in dept today – as I’ll get back to this topic some other day this month – but I will tell you the following. The WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund) gives the following advice on meat usage: “To reduce your cancer risk, eat no more than 500 grams (cooked weight) per week of red meat, like beef, pork and lamb, and avoid processed meats such as ham, bacon, salami, hot dogs and some sausages.”

As a rough guide 500 grams of cooked red meat is the same as 700 – 750 grams of raw red meat. To help visualize how much this is, the amount of roast beef I ate for lunch was 100 grams and a medium steak is about 150 grams.

“There is strong evidence that processed meats are a cause of bowel cancer.

When meat is preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or by the addition of preservatives, cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) can be formed. These substances can damage cells in the body, leading to the development of cancer.”  For more info check the WCRF website

As for myself I try to avoid cured and processed red meats as much as possible. I only buy organic or grass fed meats. If I’m eating at my job I can’t chose my food so I do eat whatever they serve me, therefore I chose only to buy organic meat myself and I won’t eat meat more then once a week at home. Usually I eat meat once a week at home; no more than 100 grams at a time, and once a week in the restaurant (@ work). In total I eat between 100 – 300 grams red meat per week and this works well for me. 

I try to at least have 2-3 vegetarian days per week. And I eat fish on the other 2-3 days. Preferably wild caught fish (but that’s for different reasons..)

Poultry has not been linked to an increase in cancer risk! I hardly ever eat poultry as organic poultry is very expensive – at least in Holland. I do love the taste and nutrition value of poultry, especially of turkey! I do eat chicken once or twice a month at work and I buy turkey breast (deli meat without preservatives) at least once or twice a month as well. If you can spend a little extra money on good quality poultry, I’d advice you to eat poultry 2-3 times a week. However, don’t forget to also incorporate at least one meat free day to give both your digestive system and our planet a break ;-)

For now, let’s get back to what I ate Wednesday yesterday :D

Post workout yogurt with a banana and some pumpkin seeds. I would have just done yogurt + banana for faster absorption of the sugars & protein… but I was hungry so I needed the seeds :D

I guess I was really (!) hungry today because an hour or so after my bowl of yogurt I fancied a second “lunch” ;) roasted veggies with eggs and a tahini dressing.

Roasting / cooking / baking / preparing… whatever you’d call this, I made pumpkin for dinner! And it was delicious! I ate my dinner pretty late today because after that egg dish I was quite full :)

A quinoa, kelp, pumpkin, tamari, mirin, Chinese five spice, ginger – dish ;)

Another picture.. The flashlight is a little to bright – sorry for that -

This afternoon (on the actual Wednesday we’re pretending to be in this post but we’re not, if this makes sense ;)) I cooked another pumpkin to make a puree with… and I burned the darn thing!!! Arg, silly me just wanted to steam the pumpkin in 2 tbsp of water… which works brilliantly if you keep a close eye on your pumpkin, which obviously I didn’t do ;-) haha! I luckily was able to safe half of the pumpkin and it tasted amazing! It got a smokey dept to it, haha, and seriously – smoke & pumpkin go very well together I noticed ;-)

Before bed I had some leftover protein squares – Carrot Cake style! Yum, yum, yummy! :-) Click on this picture to see the recipe for my Berry Lemon protein squares!

I think that’s it for today…

Oh wait! I want to show you my purple basil.. I just love the look of this! Super delicious and very healthy! Packed with vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, Fiber and Manganese.
Basil also has DNA Protection and Anti-Bacterial Properties! The DNA protection can theoretically help combat cancer growth… So adding fresh herbs to your eats is – in my humble opinion – a great thing to do!

Ok.. now I’m done writing, for real ;-)

Nighty Night!
Please comment – like – subscribe in the meantime! You’d make me real happy upon waking up :D
~ Love ~

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25 responses to “WIAW – Breast Cancer Awareness – What’s up with red meat? Delicious eats, burned pumpkin and purple basil…

  1. mayo from scratch? I’m impressed!

  2. I’m with Alex on your mayo. I’ll have to check this recipe out!!

    p.s. all of your meals look amazing, as usual!!

  3. That yogurt dish looks realllyyyyy good!!!

  4. I love the focus on cancer and cancer prevention. I lost mad dad to cancer a few years ago and maintaining a healthy diet and exercising helped him fight far longer than the Dr’s expected.

    • I knew you lost your dad too soon, just like me, I didn’t know it was because of cancer though.. It’s a horrible disease! I’m glad to read the healthy eating + exercising has helped him to fight longer (for both him and you / his loved ones!) Is that why you are so into healthy eating and exercising? Or have you always had that passion? XO

      • I had started to get healthier, but he was a big inspirations. It was on a trip to the cancer treatment center with my dad that I started running. Lots of love. xo

  5. Oh no! Burnt pumpkin?! Well, at least you had some other great eats for the day. I love your feature of cancer too with WCRF. I didn’t know most of the facts you gave!

    Alright. On the sleep front. We need a new goal. I am doing awful. :(

    • Morning! I just woke up after 6 hours of sleep… :( oops…. Any ideas? I think we have to try for another week! 8 hours per night – period! Today is my last day of my weekend and my working-week starts tomorrow, I can barely get myself out of bed each morning so I really need to go to bed earlier! I think this week I will try to be strict and DO IT! haha, are you with me ;)? Let’s see how we’ve done next WIAW :)

  6. I love your yoghurt bowl – cant beat something so simple. Also, your cheesecake is so adorable! Recipe? I absolutely love nectarines and my family would adore a cheesecake like that!

    • I’m still playing with the recipe to great an even better the cheesecake, but it’s good enough to eat this way too… ;) So I’ll upload the recipe someday this week! I hope your family will like it :)

  7. Oh my, is there a recipe for your cheesecake? It looks delicious! I’ve made my own mayo in the past only to fail at emulsifying it more times than I’d care to admit. also, it didn’t seem to keep very well, so I just started mixing avocado and greek yogurt together, along with a few other seasonings…makes a nice alternative!

    • Hey Lauren, I’m still working on the recipe, but it’s good enough to share ;) I’ll upload the recipe someday this week! It was very tasty!
      Avocado and GY – I’ve done that before too! It’s a great sub. indeed! And I mean… how can you go wrong with avocado?? ;) :D

  8. That cheesecake looks amazing!!! Beautiful food!

  9. Hi. Thanks for the link to the World Cancer Research Fund. I’ve been eating paleo for a while now (I can’t have gluten, dairy or soy for health reasons). Although one of the things that I have been working on is to increase the amount of veggies at every meal. I think a lot of people can get caught up on the paleo = meat that they forget that meat doesn’t have to be a staple of the diet. Since I can’t have soy, it does limit my choices, but I’ve still been able to participate in Meatless Mondays :)

    Anyway, thanks for the link to more information. I had to follow a few links to get to it, but they do post more information on what studies they’re using to back up their recommendation. I will definitely be doing more research :)

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing your experience with the Paleo diet. I used to be very sensitive to soy, and I still am…. yet I can eat a small amount of Tempeh from time to time. It’s tough finding a healthy diet if you’re struggling with allergies, I know all about it! Nuts are a great meat alternative BTW, they contain the same amino acids, vitamins and minerals as meat. I make nuts and seeds a staple in my diet because I don’t want to eat too much meat. I have experimented with the Paleo diet, because a health practitioner suggested that – I also am gluten intolerant and I can’t handle other grains very well either. However my overall health is getting better these days + my digestive health is increasing. Therefore I can now tolerate millet, quinoa and rice (rice in small amounts).

      I don’t mean to sound against Paleo, because I’m not! I think there’s a real benefit to that way off eating, yet you should watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyeS7_kL7sU&feature=share&list=ULpyeS7_kL7sU if you’re interested to learn more about protein and the effect of animal protein vs. plant protein on our body. This man shares some great insight and really got me thinking. I still have Paleo days if I notice my stomach is reacting negatively to the grains and fruit, I will however up the veggies, avocado, nuts, coconut, seeds and oil more than I do the meat :) Glad to read you say Paleo is more than just meat, because that’s so true! At least… I think so too ;)

      Glad you liked my post and thanks again for the comment

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  11. Everything looks great and that purple basil. Wow, so pretty.
    I love the focus on cancer in this post. It’s such an important topic.

  12. Everything looks great and that purple basil. Wow, so pretty.
    I love the focus on cancer in this post. It’s such an important topic. Good for you for covering it.

    • Hi Meghan! I got the seeds for this purple basil from my aunt for X-mas last year.. I never knew it existed until I got those seeds. I think restaurants should start using this basil for decoration ;)
      I feel very passionate about the WCRF and the connection between food – illness (like cancer). Thanks for showing your appreciation :)

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