One Lovely Blog Award — Memories, pictures and random facts

I love awards ;)

Many thanks to Allison @ livepassionatelytonight for this nomination. Her blog is all about eating healthy, leading an active lifestyle – running &  practicing yoga -, and finding her life’s purpose. She’s a lovely lady → go see for yourself.

So here’s my 7 random facts for ya’ll………

  1. I’m starting an online weight management practice! It’s gonna be all online and I hope to get the website going this summer! I’m working real hard on getting everything together! I’m currently working on the website + getting myself registered (tax, fraternity or guild (?) registration, opening a bank account for the business — all that good stuff ;))
    I’m SO EXCITED! I’ll keep you posted ;)

    Nooit meer op dieet = Never diet again

  2. I could NOT live a day without internet! However I could definitely go without a phone. I hate texting and I hate making phone calls even more. I never keep my phone around, but I think I’ll have to change this habit if I want to be successful @ random fact #1 ;-)

    If it ever gets this bad – someone please take my laptop away from me ;)

    As you can see, I used to love making phone calls! This was ages ago. Doing homework while talking to my best friend ;) Great memories of High School!

  3. I have two tattoos and I’m getting my third one on the 4th of July! I love tattoos + getting them is quite addictive ;) – Yup – it’s true what they say: “once you get inked, you can’t go back”!

    My first tattoo – May 2009 – Wichita Kansas

    Tattoo # 2 – a tribute to my dad and our little family :)

  4. You may know this already but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth! Some days I only eat sweet foods; from porridge to yogurt and ice cream to fruit to cake and candied nuts.
    Since I’m very prone to getting a Candida overgrowth I can’t eat too much of the sweet stuff :( I therefore add LOADS of stevia to my food. I’m a serious stevia ADDICT – haha! If there’s ever going to be evidence that stevia is harmful to our health… I’m doomed! ;-)

    I’ve always been a major fruit-lover!

    As a teenager I was notorious for eating multiple liters of ice cream in one sitting – lol

  5. I’m extremely allergic to all animals, but my parents got me a guinea pig when I was 6 or so.. ever since then we’ve had up to 30 rabbits & guinea pigsliving in our garden :)

    Foxy eating lavender :)

    My dad pulling a Ozzy Osbourne

    Daddy and Marli playing golf together ;)

    And when I do cuddle a pet (especially a cat or a dog)…

    … this is what happens! :(

  6. I’ve won a competition hosted and judged by Delicious Magazine with my chocolate zucchini pie recipe (posted here)! It’s my second self-made recipe I won a price with. I’m pretty proud of that :)!

    Zucchini chocolate cookie cake succes..

  7. I come from a well-respected Wizarding family - I’ve attended Hogwards with a specific love for Charms, Potions and Herbology. I’m currently working in a small Super-Magical-Food storein Diagon Alley. I work the night shifts so I can easily combine it with my part-time job at the restaurant and my online practice.But, ssst… there’s no need for the entire world to know ;)

    Halloween birthday party @ my house! 3 HP lovers together — Swish and Flick!!!

    My lovely friend & fellow Witch – we went to High School & Hogwards together :)

And now for my 7 nominations!

I wonder what your random facts will be!

Thanks for watching – reading – (hopefully liking ;)) this post! ♥

Oh one more thing… I just noticed there’s a person missing in this blog-post ;) ↓↓↓

Since it’s been a walk down Memory-lane .. here’s a picture of my mummy (2003 – 43 years young)

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9 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award — Memories, pictures and random facts

  1. Hi Leanne! Thank you so much for this nomination! The only thing is…I’m unsure if I’m supposed to pass it on? If you could write and let me know if there’s something to do now, I’d appreciate it! Thank you again!

    • You’re welcome! And yes the idea is you make a blog-post yourself with the picture of the award in it and say in the intro who gave the award to you with a link to their page (so my page ;)) and then you can write down 7 random facts you want to share with your readers and you nominate 7 other bloggers who you want to give the award yourself :)

      You can use my intro and outro as an example :) just add your own 7 random facts and people you’d like to nominate!


  2. Wow there are so many sides to you I had no idea. HOLY CRAP that allergic reaction is intense. Seriously. I am the same way, a day without the internet is death for me. My phone, not so much. I have a huge sweet tooth. I used to eat plain pure brown sugar. Eek.

  3. Wow!!! Those are some serious allergic reactions!! And it’s so impressive that you won not one but two recipe contests!! Chocolate zucchini pie, I’m going to bake and devour you very soon! =)
    And your mom is beautiful!!
    Thank you for the nomination!! I’m truly honored! I am still vacationing, but I can’t wait to share some of my random facts with you soon!!

  4. livepassionatelytonight

    Leanne. I’m not even joking; I think we are the same person. HAHA! Congrats on your business; I’m signing up :p

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