The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!!!!!

A little while back I received my second award – I love receiving these   ツ   as would anyone of course! I also think this is a great way to get to know each other better and expressing our appreciation to one another!  ツ

Thanks to Laura from for nominating me for Versatile Blogger Award / The Versatile Blogger! 


Here are the rules:
Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Dûh! lol)
Share 7 random things about yourself. 
Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” to your blog.(Yeah!)

So here it goes; 7 random things about me… I could just do one-worded-randomness, but I chose to make a list of both serious and not so serious facts about me + my life and intrests in life! Hope you like it, me, the answers this:

1. I quite often feel like a failure for not leading a “normal” life these past 7 years. It’s not a constructive feeling, so note to self and everyone feeling this way: you can’t fail at life if you’re still living, stop comparing yourself to others and live your life with your best intentions!

2. My mum is my biggest inspiration for showing me how to “let go” and just be! This is something I struggle with, but I’m getting better at it! I’m still learning every day and my experiences in life are helping me to be less uptight and give me a more ‘go-with-the-flow’ mentality! I guess this is the positive side of growing up ;-)!

3. My biggest dream is to open a health food store-restaurant-yoga/dance studio in one! I’d love to create a warm and welcoming environment for people to buy organic whole foods, eat and drink a healthy fresh snack and come join a dance or yoga class!

4. I’m in love with Los Angeles! Ever since visiting with my parents in 2004 I want to go back! I left a piece of my heart there…Another part of my heart is in Wichita Kansas where I took my internship.

Image5. I love Disney! Especially the classic Disney movies and characters! My all time hero is Winnie the Pooh! As a little girl I told my parents I’d go live in the hundred acre wood when I’d grow up! Btw; I’m secretly still planning on moving there and if not there, it must be somewhere in the wizard world of HP ;-)Image

6. Another hero of mine is Michael Jackson. He’s inspired me to dance, live life to the fullest and his music gives me comfort in times of need! “Keep The Faith!”

7. My favorite color is – sunny – bright yellow!



Here are the bloggers I am nominating – I am only going to nominate 6 bloggers to start with because I’m still exploring the blogger-world and I don’t know too many people yet ;-) as soon as I know who else to nominate I will let you know!!








~ ☮ With Love ☮ ~


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9 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!!!!!

  1. Congratulations on another award!

    PS. You look great in the picture from 2004 (#4) :)

    • Thank you! I was 15 at the time, seems like a long-long time ago! Funny thing is back then most people thought I was much older than I was, nowadays most people think I’m way younger than I am – It’s like I’m a forever 18 year old or something :p

      • Only 15? Yes, you do look older… and now younger. Maybe you’ve found the secret of youth? :)

    • Haha, now I only need to figure out what that particular secret is and I’ll become rich and famous ;-)

  2. Thank you sweet Leanne, for the nomination. Cheers and good health to you always. ~ Hoda

  3. Thanks for reading my blog, I now have yours on my feeder and can’t wait to keep reading. Great post!

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