Recipe for granola or muesli, gluten free and sugar free EASY to make!

*Recipe*  My homemade granola, muesli kinda concoction. I created this during a candida cleanse period so it’s perfect as a low sugar option!

I’ve currently been making kilos of this stuff and having it for breakfast and snacks! It’s just sooo good! Then again…I love baked carbs anything ;) :D

For about 10 snack or 5 meal sized portions you will need:

DRY ingredients:

- 100 grams millet flakes
- 50 grams buckwheat flakes
- 50 grams unsweetened coconut (shredded)
- 35 grams coconut flour
- 20 grams pumpkin seeds
- 1 tsp psyllium husk
- 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice or another mix of warming spice
- 1 tsp lemon zest (optional and ONLY use organic)
- 1 tsp stevia (optional)
- small pinch baking soda (optional)
- small pinch sea salt

WET ingredients:

- 120 grams unsweetened cranberry compote OR unsweetened applesauce
- 30 grams liquid coconut oil (extra virgin preferably)

Combine dry ingredients really well, add the wet ingredients and stir until it forms a clumpy muesli/granola kind of consistency.
Transfer to a shallow baking tray and bake at 350 F for about 30 minutes. Stir every 10 minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn and it crisps up evenly!
Take out of the oven and allow to cool before transferring to a air tight container. At this stage add 25 grams chopped nuts + 1 or 2 tbsp chia seeds + 1 or 2 tbsp hemp seeds. These days I also add chopped dried sour apricots and prunes, so add whatever dried fruit you’d like if you react well to those in your diet 

Hope you like it & Eet Smakelijk

Gluten free muesli (granola) alternative

WIAW – Happy Birthday to me Weekend – Cookies & Cakes

WIAW fall into good habits button

Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting another food-party!!

This time it’s a special WIAW for me, since it was my birthday this weekend >> November 16th! << and I’ve had all kinds of yummy treats. I fell from stress-dessert into birthday-dessert status….hmmm…. OK we’re working on that later ;)

For now, let’s show you my yummy treats!

Chocolate Chip CookiesClick on the picture to go to the recipe. These are to die for if I may say so myself..

A lovely beetroot smoothie to start the dayA lovely beetroot smoothie for breakfast – why? Because I like pink .. and beets .. and it tastes amazing with vanilla protein & chocolate!! YES it does!! 

Birthday Pancakes with Jam and ButterThen we had pancakes with loads of butter and pure-fruit jam! Delicious breakfast #2

20130816_141522Then there was lunch >> VEGGIES >> sweet potato + eggs stir-fry. YUM!

After my lunch I went to pick up my mommy to go shopping and make an appointment for tattoo number 4 :D I’m excited!!

P.S. I turned 25 :o OMG I feel old… and young… young & old… I don’t think I’m ever growing up ;) I’m like the Dutch & feminine Peter Pan! :D AND I LOVE THAT!

OK back to the day.. I made the appointment for the 5th of December: our national Holiday “Sinterklaas” :) I’ll show you the result of my tattoo-date later ;)

Mum and I went for a coffee, turned into food + coffee, treat at a local restaurant. I did make pictures of the food, but it was too dark and the flashy flashlight photo’s don’t do the food any justice… so no pictures here.

I do have a lovely photo with my beautiful mother though!

mommy and me on my 25th birthday

I had cake for dessert -- recipe on the blog!


We had cake for dessert. Gluten and sugar free — made with chestnut flour. I find this cake the tastiest I’ve had in a long time because of the yummy chestnut flavor that’s so subtle and sweet and nutty! It pairs wonderfully with some vanilla coconut milk ice cream and whipped rice cream (unpictured because this is an old picture taken a while ago and like I said before… nighttime pictures is just NOT cutting it :( )

I may or may not have had half the cake… no jugging >> it’s ma birthdaaay :D ♥

OK, I’m late for school now… gotta run!! Have a great Food Party! Talk soon :D XO







Healthy (kinda…) Chocolate Chip Cookies RECIPE Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Sugar free

Healthy (kinda) Chocolate Chip Cookies

For about 16 cookies (about 8 servings I’d say..) you will need:

  • 1 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp gluten free all purpose flour
  • 4 dates, chopped up
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup coconut sugar or erythritol
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, softened
  • 1/2 cup pure dark chocolate chips OR use a chocolate bar that you break into small pieces
  • Tiny pinch of sea salt
  • Almond milk – just a dash if you feel the dough needs it

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Preheat the oven to 350ºF and grease a cookie-sheet.

Mix the coconut oil with the sugar(substitute), vanilla and the eggs. Whisk until it’s one well-combined-glossy liquid.

Mix the flour into the wet ingredients, add a pinch of salt and mix very well until it forms a nice dough. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to do this….. or your hands will work wonders too >> it just gets sticky and leaves you licking half the dough from your fingers… like that’s ever been a bad thing ;)

If you feel the dough is too crumbly or hard, then add a few tbsp of almond milk. If the dough is a little too moist, add some extra flour… there’s not too much science involved in this recipe!

Now add the chopped dates and the chocolate chips and fold these into the dough.

Place small dots of cookie-dough onto the cookie-sheet. Place them about 5 centimeters (2 inches) apart, leaving enough room to rise! Bake them for about 12 – 15 minutes if you want the center to be slightly gooey & chewy. Or bake a little longer for a crisp cookie!

Keep ‘n eye on them after about 10 minutes! Let them cool and store in a cookie tin (airtight) on the counter for up to 4 days… or more?… I don’t know, mine never made it past 4 days on the counter ;)

It’s DELICIOUS with vanilla (dairy free) ice cream and whipped (rice)cream OR with a glass of almond milk OR with chocolate (dairy free) ice cream and chopped walnuts OR with a cup of hot chocolate and rummmm >> Told you these were “kinda” healthy ;) ♥

Chocolate Chip Cookies

WIAW – Exam Stress – Yoga – Fitness and FOOD

What I Ate WednesdaysGoodmorning Fellow Foodie Friends

I skipped last weeks food-party because of school. I was out all day and when I came home I was like “shoot, I missed WIAW!” ;)

This week I’m a bit more prepared! I made a few sticky-notes to remember to track my eats and make some pictures ;-)

My meals have (in the past few days) mainly consisted of some type of dessert… ’cause well… stop-emotional-eating

To me stress means “I want ALLL the carbs and ALLL the fats!” Preferably with a sugary CRUNCHY and GOOEY topping! I want to move my jaws as much as possible during the day — it’s relaxing ;-) There’re even science studies to back me up, so I have a legitimate excuse! Who’s with me? You know you are!

As far as taking pictures goes, I’ve been trying my best, but my camera doesn’t like taking pictures after 4 pm…! And since I don’t get up before noon… not much picture-taking-time. I’m gonna work on that ;-)

Before I’m sharing my eats of yesterday, can I PLEASE beg for some positive fitness & yoga vibes tomorrow? Tomorrow (Thursday night) I’m hosting a small event at my local gym – it’s a school assignment, so I NEED TO DO OK (No pressure…. sigh)… I don’t do well under pressure, so that’s making me even more nervous!

I’ll be teaching an indoor circuit training for about 12 people, so I made a circuit with 12 exercises they all have to do for 45 seconds with 15 seconds break in between the exercises to walk over to the next exercise. The entire circuit repeats itself 3 times total.

The circuit consists of: 

Leg Raise (lying)



 Air Squat (with optional plate)

Shoulder Press

 Mountain Climbers

 Bicycle Crunch

Deadlift (with Kettlebell)

Triceps Dip


 Upright Row (with Kettlebell)

Burpees with Jump


I messed up and I thought, “Wow! I sure messed up good!” ↑ ;) OK I don’t want to jinx myself… this is how it’s gonna go: I rocked tonight and I thought, “Wow! I sure did a very good job!” = Muchhhh better :D

After the circuit training I’m hosting an hour long (power)yoga session at beginners level. It’s VERY basic so I should be able to explain all the poses properly, but teaching yoga is kinda a whole different task to do! I mean you’re constantly speaking and explaining the moves as you flow through them… I’m gonna practice once today with a yogi-friend, to see if I do this alright… ’cause I find this the most nerve-wrecking to do! Mainly since there’s a LOT of positive interest for the lesson and if all goes well I might be able to teach more often… yet with all the experience in sports and dance I have… I’m quite a newbie to yoga, so I feel a little out of my comfort-zone teaching! Any words of advice for me?? :)

Sorry for the rant, now on with the food!

I’d been loving the following yesterday

  • Breakfast was an overflowing bowl of fresh apple slices: 2 tart green apples + 2 tart yellow apples (I’m trying to stay away from sweet fruits again, since I’ve been experiencing a Candida Flareup recently — stress & LOADS of (dried) sweet fruit sugars played a big part in this flareup #oops)
  • After 2 hours I had a second meal with 4 rice cakes & different kind of spreads: a definite must-try = coconutmilk + vanilla protein + carob powder + a little cinnamon and vanilla stevia  It’s YUMMY!

Coconut protein carob spread on Rice Cakessweet coconut macadamia nutbutter

  • I had some leftovers for lunch: 1 avocado with raw, finely chopped kale – mashed together – some cayenne and sea salt for seasoning >> strange but GOOD combo (Sidenote: whenever I have a strange but good combo.. I now think of Laura ;) lol)! I had some cold leftover roasted mushrooms and sweet potato on the side. Totally random, but I find that whenever you work with pure and fresh produce… it all works together quite well [or at least most of the time ;) ]

Baked Sweet Potatoes Roasted mushrooms1 avocado with raw finely chopped kale - mashed together - some cayenne and sea salt for seasoning

  • I snacked on licorice (sugar free) candy all afternoon. No picture taken before I’d eaten it all.. but y’all know what candy looks like right ;)
  • Pre dinner snack were some homemade coconut-flour biscuits (sweet) with prosciutto ham fresh sweet nutbutter (see above) and cilantro. OH and don’t forget the sprinkle of xylitol on top! YUM >> Strange but GOOD combo #2! All this studying makes me crave the weirdest things ;)

Coconut cookie with parmaham, tahini and some cilantro and xylitol (3)

  • Dinner is unpictured.. I had corn-pasta with a caramelized-onion-olive-sundried tomato-garlic-basil-tomato-sauce. Served with some chopped up sausages (made from organic beef)
  • Dessert was carob-pudding with leftover coconut coffeecake (got a bit stale so I crumbled it up like a bread pudding sorta deal) and some chia seeds on top. Super duper sweet (stevia) [sweet tooth alarm!!]

  • No… we didn’t stop after desert, after desert pre-bedtime snack-time rolled around for 2 yummy coconut cinnamon macaroons [I've been quite coconuts today! I hadn't even noticed until writing it all down for you this morning!! :o haha]

That’s the end of my day of eats :) Now I’m off to practice my yoga-lesson for tomorrow! And off to school after that. I’m gonna check out all your lovely blog-posts tomorrow night after the exam, hmmmm I’m looking forward to that moment already! Nice hot cup of tea and my laptop and RELAXING ;) ;) PLEASE think of me tomorrow ;) You’d make my day!!!

Love you :D

↓ This picture got made last year for a news article about EAT and get FIT in a local paper :)

WIAW – I like big Pumpkins and I cannot lie – Recipes included

What I Ate Wednesdays

Happy WIAW fellow foodies!

It’s been crazy busy here and lots of new things happening with my nutrition practice :) about to do some great collaboration work — fingers crossed :D

How have you been? Making any new awesome recipes lately?

I haven’t had much time to experiment, however I have been in the mood for homemade sweets like winegums and Jello #afterallitsnearlyhalloween!! :D

For my Candida Diet friendly lemony Jello click on the picture below!

Gelatin Dessert

I’ve been going to the gym more regularly to practice my form.. Fitness trainer exam is getting closer and I want to look and perform my best :) I’m pretty scared though! The demands you have to meet are high! Which in one way is a good thing… not anyone passes the test just like that… but on the other hand… OK enough anxiety raising thoughts, on with the food!

Happy Halloween - Pumpkin all around - Sonny Angle Vampire!

♥I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie♥ I don’t know about you, but I LOVEEEE pumpkins! And I’m always so excited for this fall food season! I’m not just saying ’cause I’m an autumn-kid.. but I truly believe fall is my fave season of the year! For sure when it comes to food. Cold enough for pumpkiny goodness and stews, but still warm enough to enjoy fresh fruits for breakfast and frozen smoothies for dessert ♥

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been looking through my recipes on my blog… and I totally forgot about my pumpkin pie creation I made last year! I haven’t been remaking it yet, BUT I do have the ingredients in the house so I think I’ll be making this baby tomorrow! Winner with all my friends >> that says something, lol! ;)

I used a very sweet - green - pumpkin I got from a friend. Note; this does turn your pumpkin pie filling GREEN ;-)

Kabocha squash turns your pumpkin pie filling GREEN ;-)

I also found an old picture on my laptop which is my inspiration for dinner tonight! I’ve bought the scallops, I’ve made coconut milk and I’m roasting a pumpkin as we speak write :D

Pumpkin Halloween WIAW

I’m rambling aren’t I?! Sorry! I’m doing too many things at once.. I blame it on my lack of multitasking abilities, lol.

So breakfast today was:

Banana Chia Cinnamon PuddingBreakfast was a banana shake (not super Anti Candida friendly, however I’m not following a super strict diet >> I simply do what works for me after years of trials & tribulations :)I added 2 tbsp chia into the mix and topped it with almonds and cinnamon. Delicious pudding kinda meal :D

It's either sweet potato or pumpkin ... or both ;)Lunch was a pound of sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil. I added fresh rosemary after this picture was made. And I sprinkled some garlic salt on top. I toasted some pumpkin seeds to go on top. Super simple, but I needed a carb loading feast! I’ve been on a carb craze lately >> not a carb binge-out-of-control like I’ve been familiar with in the past (can you say Candida???!! OMG) however I’ve been studying AND been very active, so my body & brain needs the glucose to function and I can tell FOR SURE!

Roasted pumpkin

I know… I know… How can one want roasted pumpkin AFTER eating all that sweet potato… I don’t know either :o haha! However, I just heard a *ping* from my oven.. and I decided I had to give my yummy pumpkin a taste test ;) Cinnamon Galore!! DELICIOUS!

This happened between lunch & the pumpkin >> so we’re kinda out of chronological order here… I made an egg scramble post WO and added LOTS of Indian spice + chopped baby portobello mushrooms. YUM!

I think I might have to use the pumpkin-scallop recipe for another night.. I bet my skin will turn orange if I keep up this paste ;) Oh well.. just in time for Halloween! :D I’ll go as an Oompa Loompa! No dress-up required ;)

Are you celebrating Halloween? And if so.. what are your plans? Have a great HOLIDAY! Enjoy every freaky moment of it :D

P.S. this will be dessert today :-) Almond Tuilles! They’re absolutely amazing and remind me of my childhood when we used to get fresh baked tuilles at the bakery close to home. These however are sugar free (duh!) and totally good for you! I will share the recipe soon :) I think it’s a must try!

Amandel Tuilles van amandelmeel, amandelschaafsel, eiwit, stevia en boter (7)

My lovely friend & fellow Witch - we went to High School & Hogwards together :)

A Happy Halloween from the past. My lovely friend & fellow Witch – we went to High School & Hogwards together :)

The proof is in the Lemon Pudding – Recipe!

Gelatin Dessert

I have a sweet tooth… In all honesty… everyone who knows me, knows I have a major sweet tooth! So what does a girl do when almost all sugars are off limits?! *HELP*

  1. Deal with it – eat more fats and salty snacks
  2. FIND the exception to the no-sweets-allowed-rule :D

I do a little bit of both ;) however I NEEDDDD my sweet fix!

My most guiltless (Candida guiltless is what I refer to with this) dessert has to be my Homemade sugar free lemon Jelly!

I think it’s about time I share this yummy treat with you! It’s great as a snack or dessert but you could even have it for breakfast if you’d want – SO clean and healthy :D

The ingredients you’ll need are:

  • 20 grams gelatin; soaked in cold water >> ready to go
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • the juice from 1 lime
  • the flesh from 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 1 tsp orange zest (optional)
  • 3 cups water
  • sweeteners to taste; I used 1/2 cup xylitol and 2 tsp stevia extract. TASTE the liquid after all is combined! If the liquid doesn’t taste to your liking, the jelly won’t be any good either :)

Start by heating 1,5 cups of water in a saucepan and once that comes to a simmer add the gelatin — slowly one piece at a time and whisk to combine. Once the gelatin and water is combined, take from the heat and add the lemon/lime juice and the extra 1,5 cups of cold water. Stir well. Add the sweeteners. Stir again. Add the zest & lemon flesh and… You’ve guessed it… Stir again ;-) Pour into individual ramekins or one big glass bowl. Let it set in your fridge for approximately 3 hours.

I love to serve some fresh whipping cream with this, coconut milk and/or full fat Greek yogurt. The richness and creaminess goes perfectly with the sweet and tart lemony jelly!

  • I bet you could make this with agar agar for a vegan version!
  • Add different kinds of fruit juice and/or chunks of fruit for different flavor combo’s! For Candida Overgrowth reasons… I’d be careful with sweet fruits though. Pineapple and/or coconut water (that combination is THE BOMB BTW!!!) gives a great jelly too!


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.. OR sugar free lemon jelly! YUM

Recipe: Creamy Carrot & Avocado Soup

Creamy Carrot & Avocado Soup

Avocados galore

This is absolutely delicious as a refreshing gazpacho but can be heated (just don’t boil the soup!) for a more warming dish as well. I prefer the soup at room temperature :) yummm!

Avocado & Carrot go together like a horse and carriage. Match made in culinary heaven! Since both veggies (yes, avocado is a fruit… I know ;) ) can be used in savory AND sweet dishes.. the possibilities when combining these two ingredients are endless! I’ve got a great sweet smoothie recipe, avocado-carrot cake, cookies.. you name it! Yup I think I’m obsessed! I’m definitely a “fat”-lover, so my obsession for avocado’s and nutbutters (see my previous post) isn’t a surprise for many ;) *love*.

Thank GOD an abundance of healthy fats in once diet whilst battling a Candida overgrowth can be very healing if you respond well to it… For me: so far, so good ;-) I don’t know what I would do without nutbutters, avocado’s or eggs… oh and pumpkin & carrots. I think I could live off of those ingredients for a year or so and be very content! 

OK.. moving on to this recipe: 

What you’ll need for 2 people:

  • 3 cups carrot juice (freshly made is best of course, but I must admit, I buy my carrot juice… )
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp cold pressed walnut oil or hemp oil (only add this to the soup if you’re not gonna heat the soup – or at least not over 40 degrees C!)
  • 1/4 or 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric (curcuma) powder
  • 1/4 tsp coriander powder (optional)
  • Sea salt to taste

For garnish use:

  • 2 tbsp cilantro (coriander) leaves; chopped
  • 2 tbsp spring onions; small rings
  • 2 tbsp baby carrot; small dice
  • Black pepper 

Make or buy the carrot juice (just make sure it doesn’t contain any additives!) and place 2 cups in a high speed blender. Add the avocado, red pepper, turmeric, optional coriander powder and a pinch of sea salt. Blend for a minute until very well combined into a smooth creamy soup. Taste the soup for salt and add more sea salt if needed. Add the final cup of carrot juice if you want a thinner soup.

If you are serving the soup cold, now is the time to add the walnut or hemp oil. Blend again and poor into two bowls. Garnish with the diced baby carrot, chopped cilantro leaves, spring onion and a little black pepper.

If you want a more sustainable meal, add chopped walnuts and/or cubed goats cheese and/or shrimp. Serve with a slice of whole grain toast & butter… Enjoy!♥

Wortel en Avocado soep van wortelsap met avocado, zout en tuinkruiden